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Bacteria Growth In A Business: Clean Out Business

Being a cleaning business, we have to ensure clean out business environment. Figuring out the areas everyone in the company uses will tell our team where they should focus their attention to ensure we provide the best cleaning we can.

In the typical office setting, you will find the most bacteria growth in these areas:

  1. High-Touch Areas: Places in the establishment that requires people to have direct contact with a surface. In the Office Setting, we consider high-touch areas or surfaces, to be places like light switches, elevator buttons, water faucets, and so on.
  2. Office Equipment: Fun Fact, there are more bacteria strands on your desktop computer than on the toilet seat. Don’t get me started on that desktop phone people place up to their mouths. Our team recognizes that these areas are a must-clean surface for our clients.
  3. Kitchenettes or Food Prep Areas: If your company hasn’t invested in a single-serve coffee machine, you might be shocked to know that the pot of coffee is the biggest threat to your employee’s health. With multiple people constantly grabbing the handle it’s common for bacteria to transfer. If the coffee machine doesn’t get you then the shared microwave might!

Knowing where your employees communicate and grabbing the same surfaces will tell us where to focus our attention. Here at Elite Business Cleaning we focus on our clients and providing them with the most detailed cleaning. Call our team of professionals to discuss where are some possible bacteria hotspots in your business.